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Vision 2023

Create a business & life you are excited to wake up to this year!

Discover how to organize your ideas into a meaningful vision, set doable goals, and implement a simple strategy for accomplishing any goal in 2023 and beyond.
June 23-25 @ 10-1pm PST

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All The Tools You Need To Plan Your Best Year

If you've been struggling with frustrating and overlapping schedules, too many tasks on your to-do list, inconsistent actions, mom guilt, and feeling like you are spinning your wheels and not making the progress you want in your business, you're likely MISSING some key ingredients that this workshop will UNLOCK for you so you can finally feel accomplished and have more freedom in your life!

"Jenny is super woman. Her genuine and encouraging style of coaching makes you feel very safe and comfortable. At the same time, her direct way of challenging will also make you realize you are the one who needs to talk the talk and walk the walk towards your goal!"

- Yiqi Chen

"Working with Jenny has been invigorating and life changing! Attending her Vision Workshop! was so insightful and led me to identify my true purpose and passion. Jenny's astute coaching has also helped me navigate the mindset shifts crucial to making transitions in various areas as a Mom-preneur seeking balance, fulfillment and joy."

-Nicolette Courteau

"This workshop was beyond amazing! The way I was setting goals was all over the place. If I was working with more than one goal I would fail at planning because I was too overwhelmed. Jenny taught me a beautiful layout that I could use to make my goal setting along with the action steps a whole lot easier which was exactly what I was looking for."

- Sheryl May

Join the fun and discover….


 Why you can't focus and keep getting distracted even though you know what to do
 How to set doable goals and a daily action plan that works
✓ How to manage distractions and increase your focus on the things that really matters

How to organize your thoughts and create a simple plan of action that moves you forward

 The ONE crucial strategy you need to unlock your motivation and set your day up for success



All you need to know is how to create a simple system that brings you CLARITY and FOCUS and the ability to PRIORITIZE and TAKE ACTION on what's most important (guilt free) so that you can make daily progress in your business and have more freedom in your life. 

Up until now you have most likely been using outdated and cookie-cutter strategies that are not supporting your individual needs. 

Many other goal-setting classes miss teaching your ONE VITAL STEP which is likely causing you to stay in the hamster wheel of endless doing without the results to show for it.

In this workshop, I will show you a simple strategy shift that will change how you manage your tasks forever!

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Meet Jenny

Often referred to as the Goal-Getter Queen, Jenny helps heart-centered, passionate, and visionary mom and women entrepreneurs create a life they love to wake up to through radical self-priority, transformational vision work, and empowered goal planning. Unlike other coaches who only focus on generic questions and cookie-cutter strategies, Jenny digs deep and focuses on transformation from the inside out.

Using her signature 3 Levels of Wisdom Framework and Business Freedom Formula, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs own their vision, get more things done, and build an impact business and life they love without sacrifice and guilt.

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In this 3-day workshop you will learn how to...

 Create a powerful vision for your business or movement you are excited to wake up to.

Set achievable goals that work.

 Design a personalized roadmap towards your vision.

Create a doable action plan that will give you clarity and forward momentum.

Create a powerful morning routine that will get you focused, motivated, and into action fast.

You will also receive:

✓ A COMMUNITY of sisters who are on the same journey as you.

✓ VISUALIZATIONS and EMPOWERMENT exercises that will connect you to your inner wisdom and activate your future self.

 A WORKBOOK with self-reflective questions, journal pages, planning templates, and goal templates you can reuse for every goal you have.

In addition, you will also learn how to create a VISION BOARD to support you with motivation, clarity, and inspiration for your journey.

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