“The workshop “Plan For Success!” provided great examples on how to apply your goal and achieve it.”

- Ulrica Anghem

“I’m soooo excited about this 8 week Business Bootcamp Program. Jenny is beyond brilliant and has already inspired me to think really BIG when I envision my 3 year goals. This is just the beginning of this wonderful journey. Thrilled to have Jenny as my coach!”

- Holly Rose

“The Plan For Success! Workshop was very enriching and motivating, and it made me see my goals very clearly.”

- Laura Solar

“In my experience, being coached by Jenny is like (FINALLY) connecting to the “real friend” you always wished you’d had. She never sells out to the easy-peasy, surface level conversations that we often play out. She’s 100% committed to digging deep with you, developing, and then steering your back to your vision – never your circumstances. 

Jenny has a powerful gift of being able to hold space, hold the vision, and then evoke whatever is standing between you and whatever you are committed to creating. Every call, every conversation has led to multiple, MASSIVE breakthroughs for me. I’d be 100% enthusiastic in recommending Jenny to any of my friends or colleagues.”

- Courtney Snipes

"Jenny is super woman. Her genuine and encouraging style of coaching makes you feel very safe and comfortable. At the same time, her direct way of challenging will also make you realize you are the one who needs to talk the talk and walk the walk towards your goal!"

- Yiqi Chen

"Jenny Vukovcan is a phenomenal coach.  Being a coach myself, her intuitive approach and unconventional perspective is exactly what I need.  Her business savvy and clarity around messaging, purpose, identity and business building coupled with various modalities to draw out the story and get to the root of the issue causes a BIG breakthrough every time."

-Griselda Beck

"In my opinion, Jenny is one of the most heart centered, intuitive, loving, wise and gifted coaches I have had the pleasure to train and be personally coached by. To know her is to love her, and if you haven't experienced a coaching session with Jenny, I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of being held, empowered and supported by her unique coaching style."

- Helen Attridge

"Working with Jenny has been invigorating and life changing! Attending her Plan For Success Workshop! was so insightful and led me to identify my true purpose and passion. Jenny's astute coaching has also helped me navigate the mindset shifts crucial to making transitions in various areas as a Mom-preneur seeking balance, fulfillment and joy."

-Nicolette Courteau

"Time management and productivity are areas I have struggled with since I was little.  Over the years I have tried all sorts of courses, books, and systems, never finding anything that stuck or felt manageable. I have been overwhelmed and knew I needed to get myself together but I didn't have the skills to put all the knowledge I had learned together. Finding Jenny's program helped me put all these pieces together.  She broke things down into simple steps. Jenny's approach is easy to follow and covered everything from planning your time to procrastination. My favorite part of her system is the word of the day which I use as an acronym for the minimum things that must be done to make my day successful. This has really simplified my day. Instead of writing out things I do daily and have this clutter my planner I just write the word at the top of my planner placing a check mark by each letter as I complete the task the letter represents." 

- Erica Biezenboz

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