Become a Thriving Mom in Business...

without the frustration, inconsistency, and overwhelm

(even if you feel selfish)

I help mom entrepreneurs create lives they love by setting attainable goals, focusing their energy, and implement strategies that work for who they are.

The Selfish Cure for Mom Entrepreneurs

The secret key to owning your time and making daily progress in your business.

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Meet Jenny

Often referred to as the Goal-Getter Queen, Jenny helps undervalued, bored, and frustrated mom entrepreneurs with big visions create a life they love to wake up to through embodying who they are, transformational vision work, and goal planning. Unlike other coaches who only focus on generic questions and cookie-cutter strategies, Jenny digs deep and focuses on transformation from the inside out.

Using her signature The Vision First Method and 3 Levels of Wisdom Model, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs own their vision, get more things done, and build a business and life they love without sacrifice and guilt.

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Reflect, renew, and recharge your goals for your next year in business with a powerful VISION PLAN. 

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Client Love

"Jenny is super woman. Her genuine and encouraging style of coaching makes you feel very safe and comfortable. At the same time, her direct way of challenging will also make you realize you are the one who needs to talk the talk and walk the walk towards your goal!"

- Yiqi Chen

"Jenny Vukovcan is a phenomenal coach.  Being a coach myself, her intuitive approach and unconventional perspective is exactly what I need.  Her business savvy and clarity around messaging, purpose, identity and business building coupled with various modalities to draw out the story and get to the root of the issue causes a BIG breakthrough every time."

-Griselda Beck

"In my opinion, Jenny is one of the most heart centered, intuitive, loving, wise and gifted coaches I have had the pleasure to train and be personally coached by. To know her is to love her, and if you haven't experienced a coaching session with Jenny, I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of being held, empowered and supported by her unique coaching style."

- Helen Attridge

"Working with Jenny has been invigorating and life changing! Attending her Plan For Success Workshop! was so insightful and led me to identify my true purpose and passion. Jenny's astute coaching has also helped me navigate the mindset shifts crucial to making transitions in various areas as a Mom-preneur seeking balance, fulfillment and joy."

-Nicolette Courteau

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Vision Workshop


Reflect, renew, and recharge your goals for your next year in business in this powerful 3-day workshop! Learn how to create a powerful vision for a life you love to wake up to and how to reach your goals without sacrificing your happiness or feeling guilty. 

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Goal-Getters  Mastermind

Create a life you love to wake up to by taking daily focused and committed action on your vision & goals, utilizing simplified, individual, and aligned strategies, and connecting and growing with other action and purpose driven mom entrepreneurs.

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The Inner Entrepreneur Group Program

Discover your purpose, elevate your identity, and develop a comprehensive business vision with step-by-step goals and an aligned action plan in this 12-week group coaching program. Learn the secret to becoming a thriving entrepreneur without the guilt and frustration.

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You deserve to live a life you love!

If you know you were born to create big things and dream about making money doing something you love but have stopped yourself from moving forward due to guilt, frustration, overwhelm, and #doingallthethings, it’s time to own your vision and step into action.
Get ready to learn how to embody your vision, step into your power, and create the life you were meant to live.
It's YOUR Time to Shine!

The Selfish Cure Podcast

Follow my journey of being a mom of four who felt undervalued, bored, and guilty for working to becoming an impactful and successful mom entrepreneur who is following her dreams and making her vision a reality.
Use the Selfish Cure to build your dream life and business with simplified strategies, goal setting tips, and inner tools. In this amazing (and free) audio podcast, you will learn how to embody your vision, step into your power, and build a business and life you love.
Podcast Coming Soon!

Creating Impact: The Book

This amazing book features stories from incredible humans who have overcome things like job loss, trauma, anxiety, bereavement, heartache, divorce, illness, burnout and have come out the other side and are now making a huge positive impact in the world with the work they do.
This book is full of inspiration and wisdom and such a fantastic collaborations with authors who are absolute leaders in their fields sharing their stories. All proceeds on launch date will be donated to charity.
Buy your digital copy here!

Are you ready

To ditch the sacrifice and guilt and become more selfish, empowered, and make yourself and your vision a priority?  
With my coaching programs, you will be supported in building a life and business with clarity, focus, and daily committed action while being present for the people and things you love.
If you are ready to make yourself a priority, contact me for a Vision Call to see how these programs can support you on your journey!
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